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Do you have natural waves and curls, but keep thinking that you don’t have the time for a curly routine?

We have the answer with Only Curls! It’s a very simple routine that will give you the most gorgeous curls.

Keep it simple!

The first 3 steps are done in the shower:

  • Curl Cleanser: Lather into the hair and rinse as you usually would.

  • Curl Conditioner: Rake through the conditioner with your hands, grab a comb to fully detangle, and then rinse.

  • Hydrating Creme: Scrunch this in while you are still in the shower and lock in all that lovely moisture that curls crave.

After this, gently scrunch dry with the soft Microfibre Towel to remove excess water, and then apply the Enhancing Gel. This adds hold and defines the curls.

It’s just one more step after you get out of the shower - easy!

Check out the amazing results in this video to see how quick and easy the Only Curls routine can be:

Using products with good quality ingredients makes all the difference, and our Starter Bundle is the perfect place to begin. It comes with full instructions and our Curl Care Team are on hand to help with any questions you have.

Send us a DM or email us at with all your curly queries!

To keep curls in the best condition, hydration and nourishment is essential. Swimming can make this a little more difficult with the harsh chlorinated water. With the right preparation and after-care, your curls will stay happy and hydrated. How can we protect our curls in the pool?
One of the most common issues we come across is stringy curls that often result from a lack of moisture in the hair. Certain styling techniques can also affect this. What causes stringy curls and how can we avoid this when styling?
Voluminous and defined curls are the dream, but how can we make it a reality? With our easy volumising tips, your curls will be bouncy and beautiful. 


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