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Voluminous and defined curls are the dream, but how can we make it a reality? With our easy volumising tips, your curls will be bouncy and beautiful.

To add more volume, the key is lightweight products and certain styling techniques to give your curls a boost. Only Curls products are designed to be light in both texture and weight, so they’re the perfect choice for your best voluminous wash day.

How can you use our products to create volume? 

Our Volumising Curl Mousse is the best product to use if your curls are feeling flat. This lightweight Mousse is more like a foam in texture so it won’t weigh your hair down. You can easily add the Mousse into your normal wash day routine. We recommend applying the Mousse after the Hydrating Creme, but before either of our gels. Using the Gel after the Mousse locks the curls in place so you get the best of both volume and definition.

If your curls need a bit more volume, we'd also recommend using less of the Hydrating Creme, as this is the most moisturising product in our range. If you lack root volume, only apply the Creme on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, and avoid the roots.

How to wash & style your hair for more volume

Wash your hair upside down

A great hack for adding more volume is to wash and style your hair upside down. It may be a little tricky washing your hair upside down if you’re not used to it, but the results are worth it.

Use Curl Mousse at the roots

Do you find your roots lack the most volume? A fabulous tip is to rub some of the Mousse directly into your roots. This will take your roots to new heights, and give the appearance of fuller hair.

Diffuse dry your curls

Since water weight can pull the hair down, air-drying tends to create less volume. For bigger, bouncy curls, diffusing your hair is essential. A diffuser gently cups the curls and moving them upwards creates volume and definition. To see how best to diffuse, see our tutorial here.

Root Clipping

A very popular hack is “root clipping.” You can do this while air-drying too, but it will have the most impact when diffusing. All you have to do is attach a large claw clip or a few small claw clips at your roots, then diffuse as normal. Once your hair is dry, remove the clips and be amazed at the volume it creates! We have a gorgeous range of claw clips for you to choose from.

Use a comb when drying

Have you ever wondered how to use an Afro Comb or Hair Pick? You can use these to gently lift the roots and boost volume.

Separate the curl clumps

Many of us love brush styling or finger coiling our curls for the ultimate definition. These are fantastic techniques, but the curl clumps are usually tightly wound together once the hair is dry. For more volume (and more curls!), try gently separating the large curl clumps and gently finger coil each curl as you do this to maintain definition. This will create a fuller look.

Get the right haircut for volume

Curly cut by Kelly at Pixal Rose Hair Design in Swindon

Creating voluminous curls is made all the easier by starting with the right haircut. Layers are key for adding volume.

Blunt cuts can be great, but especially on shorter hair, they tend to create a triangle shape. This means the bottom is very heavy and it pulls down the hair from the root so you lose any root volume. Layered cuts are perfect for giving a more round shape. The top layer bounces up and creates that lovely root lift. Always remember that layers on tighter curls will bounce up more so you may not need to lose as much length as you think. If you’re looking for a hairdresser that can cut your curls find your nearest curl specialist on our salon map here.

Do you find your curls lack volume and feel flat? Try our easy volume hacks on your next wash day. We’d love to see your results!

We all want to know how to have the most luscious locks, and healthy hair growth is a big part of this. What are some simple tips you can try at home to help your hair grow healthy and beautiful?
Have you ever wondered if your hair might actually be wavy or curly instead of straight? Here are 5 signs you might have waves or curls, and see how following a curly routine may benefit your hair.

Curls are beautifully unique and they need to be treated differently to straight hair. Traditional salons may not have been specifically trained in how to cut curls and a haircut can make or break your curls. A Curl Specialist Hairdresser has been trained to take care of your gorgeous curls to ensure you get the best results! 


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