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How do you like to dry your curls? Do you instantly reach for the diffuser or are you more of an air-dried curls fan? Whether you prefer to air-dry and diffuse, it’s always good to experiment with different techniques to see if there’s something you’re missing in your curly routine.

Diffusing Tips For Minimal Frizz

1. After applying your styling products, protect your hair with our gorgeous Heat Protect Spray. It's rich in protein to add extra bounce to your curls!

2. Start by hover diffusing - simply hover the diffuser over your curls to set the gel cast and reduce frizz.

3. Gently place your hair in the diffuser to enhance definition. For more volume, cup your hair at the root and gently flip your hair from side to side while diffusing.

4. Be amazed by the beautiful bouncy curls!

Diffusing is a Curly's Best Friend

Some curlies shy away from diffusing due to the heat. However, a diffuser is actually a great way of protecting your hair from high heat while giving the best results. The diffuser bowl helps to disperse the heat over a wider area so it’s not as concentrated on the hair. You can also control the heat with most diffusers, so you can use a low heat setting to protect your curls further.

 If you prefer to use the hairdryer on a warmer temperature, that’s totally fine! We’d recommend adding some extra protection by spritzing our Heat Protect Spray throughout the curls before beginning the drying process.

Did you know that diffusing adds extra definition and even helps your curls last longer? It can also minimise frizz with the right techniques. How can you achieve defined curls with reduced frizz when diffusing?

Hover Diffusing

The best way to start diffusing is to hover diffuse the hair. This is exactly how it sounds - simply hover the diffuser over your curls without scrunching. This is key for achieving those frizz-free curls.

Hover-diffusing helps to set the gel cast which is essential for taming frizz and adding definition. Do this for around 5-10 minutes, or until you feel the cast start to form. If you’re happy with your wash day results after applying the Gel or you want to avoid more curl shrinkage, then you can hover diffuse until your hair is completely dry.

Pixie Diffusing

If you’re looking for more definition and volume after hover diffusing, you can move on to pixie diffusing.

Pixie diffusing is when you gently cup your curls with the diffuser. Put a section of hair in the diffuser bowl, and gently move it towards your scalp. You can then hold it in place for a few seconds before releasing.

A great way to help reduce frizz with this technique is to put the hair in the bowl before turning the diffuser on. Only turn the dryer on when the hair is near the scalp and hold for a few seconds, then turn off the dryer before removing your hair.

To add more volume, gently flip your hair from side to side while diffusing. If your hair naturally lacks volume, use our lightweight Volumising Curl Mousse to boost your curls when styling.

Get More Defined Curls With Diffusing

Diffusing your curls will add more definition and reduce frizz. One of our tops tips for enhancing definition and taming frizz is to add a bit more gel when your hair is about 80% dry. This makes a big difference! Check out our best tips for curl definition here.

Will you be trying these diffusing tips on your next wash day? We’d love to see your results! 


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