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Do you wake up in the morning after perfecting your wash day curls with a limp, frizzy mop atop your head? Are you looking for a way to extend those luscious curls an extra day or two in your hair wash routine? Do you find your hair often feels quite dry and experiences a lot of breakage? 

Curly care doesn’t stop after wash day styling. In order to maintain the overall health and appearance of your curls, you must take special care of them while you sleep as well. Luckily we have some easy to use, comfortable and (if we do say so) extremely stylish sleep solutions to help take those fresh wash day curls to beautiful, bouncy curls on day 2, 3, 4 and beyond.

Why is sleep protection so important?

Curly hair tends to get drier easier as the natural oils have to travel down the hair shaft. Sleeping on a normal pillowcase only amplifies this effect as the material absorbs a lot of moisture from the hair whilst we sleep, which can cause friction, static and ultimately weaken the hair causing it to break more easily. Curls are also more prone to tangles and knots. Protecting your curls overnight preserves the curl definition for the next day and you could go a few days without the need to wash your hair. Less time and energy wasted as well as gorgeous curls? Sounds like a yes to us!

Choose from our stunning range of Sleep Accessories, developed to help avoid frizz, retain moisture, and protect styles while you dream the night away. Wake up with easy to manage curls that, with just a little TLC, will have your hair bouncing all day long. 

Satin Sleep Turban

One of our most beloved options is our Satin Sleep Turban. Available in a range of designs, means you can look fabulous while also protecting your curls! Our turbans are super comfortable and roomy to suit and fit all curl styles securely. If your hair is on the longer side, it is a great idea to pair your turban with one of our silk scrunchies: pull your hair forward and gently place in a pineapple loosely on top of your head, before popping your turban over the top. This is a great way of keeping your curls intact overnight, which helps to avoid tangles and matting while absorbing less moisture.

Pineapple Protector

Or perhaps, you prefer the style and versatility of our Pineapple Protectors! Long curly hair is best kept intact overnight by tying it up in a pineapple. 🍍 To do this: gather your hair gently and lightly wrap one of our silk scrunchies around the base of the ponytail (do not tighten it). If you have a fringe, try using a small claw clip to hold them in place. A silk scrunchie, as opposed to a regular hair tie, is much gentler on the curls.

Place the wide satin back of the pineapple protector at the base of your head and secure at the top of your head. The satin material prevents frizz caused by friction between the hair and your pillow, and will minimise moisture loss helping to avoid knots and tangles - a win-win! Choose between our soft elasticated style, which does a great job of holding hair in place, or our adjustable tie-front protector, perfect for all head sizes.

Another fantastic use for the Pineapple Protector is as a stylish headband. After a quick refresh in the morning, pop your protector back into place and off you go - the perfect lazy curl hairstyle with curls out of the way!

Silk Pillowcases

If wrapping your hair up isn’t for you, our stunning Silk Pillowcasesare here to save the day! They absorb less moisture than a regular cotton pillowcase, helping to retain hydration and prevent frizz. The softness of silk not only preserves the curls, but also protects the skin from inflammation and irritation, keeping skin feeling supple.

For those with long hair, pop your curls up with a silk scrunchie in a loose high pineapple before bed. This will further protect your curls from tangles.

Satin Pillowcases

We also have a range of Satin Pillowcases in so many gorgeous colours! Satin is a great alternative to silk and is 100% vegan. Satin, like silk, is very smooth to reduce tangles and friction while you sleep. The satin fabric absorbs less moisture than cotton, so your hair will stay healthy and hydrated! The satin pillowcase will help keep your curls intact overnight so you only need a quick refresh in the morning for gorgeously bouncy next-day curls.

Cute, comfy, and curl friendly. Whichever solution you choose, your curls will thank you! And as if it could get any better, using sleep protection has the added bonus of speeding up your morning hair routine. A quick refresh and you and your curls will be ready to take on the world! Check out our easy Refresh Method here.

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