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Purple shampoos and conditioners are designed to counteract unwanted tones in blonde and silver hair. Its unique purple hue is created with violet pigment. Purple is the opposite end of the colour spectrum to yellow/orange, so this hue works to neutralize brassiness and yellow undertones, restoring your hair's natural cool shade.

Other purple shampoos and conditioners on the market have not been developed for the specific needs of curly hair. Curly hair is typically dry due the the oils from the scalp not being able to make their way down the hair shaft. We’ve created a product that not only works to maintain your colour, it also includes both moisture and protein to keep your curls hydrated and healthy. 

Why use the Only Curls Purple Curl Cleanser?

  • It neutralizes unwanted tones: Blonde and silver hair are particularly prone to brassiness and yellow undertones, especially with exposure to factors like sunlight, hard water, and styling products. The Purple Cleanser and Conditioner contains violet pigments that work to counteract these unwanted tones, restoring your hair's cool, platinum, or silver shade.

  • It preserves hair color: Whether you're a natural blonde or have opted for a stunning silver or blonde highlights via bleach or hairdye, maintaining your color's vibrancy is essential. This Purple Shampoo and Conditioner helps extend the life of your color-treated hair by neutralizing oxidative processes that cause fading and discoloration over time.

  • It enhances shine and dimension: Beyond toning, these products also add a boost of shine and dimension to your locks. By eliminating brassiness, your hair appears brighter, healthier, and more luminous, allowing you to rock that coveted salon-fresh look every day.

  • It protects your curls: Like our original Cleanser and Conditioner these products are sulfate- and silicone-free and packed with moisturising ingredients to keep your curls frizz-free and healthy. We’ve also added in protein to help repair the hair after bleaching and other ingredients to boost regrowth and volume. 

“I have to say I’m impressed. My hair is definitely less brassy. Perfect for toning in the grey as I’m trying to decide whether to grow out my colour.”
- Barbara, a hairstylist based in Seaton Carew 

How Often Should You Use Purple Shampoo?

Determining the ideal frequency of purple shampoo usage depends on various factors, including your hair's porosity, and the intensity of brassiness you're combating. Here are some general guidelines to help you find the perfect balance:

  • Once a week: For most people, incorporating the Purple Curl Cleanser and Conditioner into your routine once per week is sufficient to maintain your desired tone without overdoing it. Start by using it once a week and adjust based on your hair's response and the level of brassiness you observe.

  • Monitor your results: Pay attention to how your hair reacts to the products. If you notice a significant reduction in brassiness after just one use, you may only need to use it once every other week to maintain your desired tone. Conversely, if brassiness starts to reappear sooner than expected, you can increase the frequency of use as needed. You can alternate between the Purple Curl Cleanser/Conditioner and our original All Curl Cleanser/Conditioner.

  • Avoid overuse: While purple shampoo is fantastic for toning, using it too frequently can lead to a purple tint, especially for those with porous or damaged hair. To prevent this, alternate between the Purple Curl Cleanser and the regular All Curl Cleanser to maintain balance.

  • Consult with a professional: If you're unsure about how often to incorporate the Purple Curl Cleanser/Conditioner into your hair care regimen, don't hesitate to consult with your hairstylist or colourist who can provide personalized recommendations. 

In conclusion, purple shampoo is a must-have for anyone with blonde or silver hair looking to maintain a vibrant, cool-toned hue. By incorporating it into your hair care routine and adjusting usage based on your hair's needs and response, you can enjoy luminous, salon-worthy curls. Say goodbye to brassiness and hello to your best curl days yet.

Check out our Purple Curl Cleanser and Conditioner bundle:

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