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Many of us have vivid memories of the thick, crunchy hair mousse from the Nineties, but styling mousse has come a long way since then. Although the traditional mousse is still around and can be a great product to use, there are many lighter mousses or foams that are much easier to apply and leave the hair soft and bouncy. One such product is our Volumising Curl Mousse.

The Volumising Curl Mousse is lightweight and packed full of nourishing ingredients that are chosen specifically because they are gentle on curls. It’s more foam-like in texture so it doesn’t weigh down your hair. Those with fine hair who prefer a lighter hold may find the Mousse more suitable for styling than using a gel.

Another stand-out feature of our Mousse is that it’s rich in protein. Protein helps to strengthen hair and reduce breakage. Our Mousse has a special blend of rice water and rice protein, mixed with pro-Vitamin B5, to do just that. If your hair is in need of a protein boost, then add the Curl Mousse to your styling routine for long-lasting, bouncy curls.

The Volumising Curl Mousse Method

  1. Wash and condition your hair as normal with our Curl Cleanser and Conditioner.
  2. After rinsing out the Conditioner, apply our Hydrating Creme on soaking wet hair. This adds moisture and preps the hair for styling.
  3. Scrunch the Mousse into your hair in an upwards motion to add volume and boost protein. After this, gently scrunch with the Microfibre Towel to reform the curls and remove excess water.
  4. Apply a bit more Mousse after scrunching with the towel, and focus this on your roots for the ultimate volume.
  5. For extra definition and a stronger hold, apply some of the the Enhancing Gel or Mega Hold Gel after the Mousse. For fine curls or a lighter hold, you can end your styling routine with the Mousse.
  6. Diffuse or air-dry to finish.

How To Maintain Those Amazing Curls!

Our Curl Mousse is also fantastic for refreshing your curls in between washing. Since it’s so lightweight, you can even use it on dry hair to revive your curls in a hurry! We would recommend dampening the hair first for the best results.

Check out The Simple Refresh Method starring our Curl Mousse for light and bouncy next-day curls here.

We all want to know how to have the most luscious locks, and healthy hair growth is a big part of this. What are some simple tips you can try at home to help your hair grow healthy and beautiful?
Have you ever wondered if your hair might actually be wavy or curly instead of straight? Here are 5 signs you might have waves or curls, and see how following a curly routine may benefit your hair.

Curls are beautifully unique and they need to be treated differently to straight hair. Traditional salons may not have been specifically trained in how to cut curls and a haircut can make or break your curls. A Curl Specialist Hairdresser has been trained to take care of your gorgeous curls to ensure you get the best results! 


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