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How to Use Co-wash for Hydrated Curls

Co-wash is one of those curly terms most of us have heard of, but maybe we aren’t sure what it means. So what is a co-wash, and how can it help your curls?

What is a Co-wash?

A co-wash is a hybrid product that is a mix between a shampoo and a conditioner. It’s more moisturising than a shampoo, and non-foaming. Co-wash contains gentle cleansing ingredients, conditioning agents and natural oils that work together to remove build-up and add moisture. If you have thirsty, frizzy curls you’re going to love it! It’s even gentle enough for daily use, perfect to use after the gym or on holiday. Co-wash is suitable for those following a no-shampoo routine or the Curly Girl Method.

Our Cleansing Co-wash has a gorgeous blend of avocado, marula, coconut and castor oils to moisturise both the hair and scalp.

How To Co-wash Curly Hair

Co-washing is very simple and such a time saver! Apply the Cleansing Co-wash to your hair as you would a shampoo, and massage into your roots and lengths. To get those lovely natural oils working to clean the hair, you do need to massage more thoroughly. Try using one of our scalp massagers to help with this! It’ll exfoliate your scalp and help to remove build-up. Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb, then rinse the Co-wash as normal. After this, you can apply a little Conditioner if needed, or go straight to your styling products.

For the best results, follow with our Hydrating Creme and Enhancing Gel for soft and hydrated curls. If you prefer a stronger hold, try our Mega Hold Gel for longer-lasting curls.

We recommend alternating between a gentle foaming shampoo, like our Curl Cleanser, and co-wash to keep your curls balanced and bouncing!

We all want to know how to have the most luscious locks, and healthy hair growth is a big part of this. What are some simple tips you can try at home to help your hair grow healthy and beautiful?
Have you ever wondered if your hair might actually be wavy or curly instead of straight? Here are 5 signs you might have waves or curls, and see how following a curly routine may benefit your hair.

Curls are beautifully unique and they need to be treated differently to straight hair. Traditional salons may not have been specifically trained in how to cut curls and a haircut can make or break your curls. A Curl Specialist Hairdresser has been trained to take care of your gorgeous curls to ensure you get the best results! 


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